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Choosing A Carpet

Why Choose Carpet?

There a many benefits to choosing carpet including the warmth carpet can add to a room. Carpet is popular in living rooms and bedrooms where warmth underfoot in preferred.

Safety is a benefit of carpet as it’s a non-slip surface. In the unfortunate event of a fall carpet provides a natural cushion.

Noise reduction is another benefit. Carpet dampens noise in three ways: it reduces noise from foot traffic; it absorbs airborne sound and blocks transmission of sound between floors.

Here are some things you may want to consider before choosing a carpet.


When choosing a new carpet the most important consideration is location. Busy areas like hallways, stair and living rooms should have a high quality carpet. If you opt of a lower quality carpet you will more than likely need to change the carpet in half the time you would if you had opted for a high quality carpet.

Who will be on the Carpet?

Another important consideration when buying a new carpet is who will be on the carpet. If you have small children you may wish to consider purchasing a stain resistant carpet. The price might be higher but it will last for many years.

Choosing A Carpet


If you plan to sell your house in the near future you might want to consider purchasing a neutral colour carpet. Also you should consider if you plan to redecorate your home and chose a carpet that will match the upcoming changes. You might also want to consider purchasing a dark colour carpet in order to keep your carpet looking clean. A lighter colour carpet will make spills and stains more obvious. A darker colour will make a bright room cosier and a light colour will brighten up an otherwise dark room.

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